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Ice Fog

We had “ice fog” this week in Edmonton, a fog that arises when it is so cold the humidity in the air freezes and the world is dressed in shadow. Amazing. Ice crystals dancing in the air: ” When a prairie winter hits its stride, the vapour in the air freezes and the empty spaces..

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Interview to come!

I recently sat down with Hannah and Owen, who had agreed two years ago to read an early version of the manuscript for Ivan the Giant. At that time, I needed a pair of “younger eyes” to gain a better perspective on my draft.. and maybe inject some new enthusiasm too! They were a big..

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By the time I was eleven, like Ivan, I had lived in Melfort (where’s that!?), St. Albert (where’s that?), Montreal (OK), Calgary (again, OK) and Kamloops (?), and we were just preparing to move to Saskatoon. It was confusing even to me, but it was my normal. Maybe this is why I write about friends, because we kept moving away from friends when I was young.

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