Ivan Morrow has spent his short life waiting for things to happen. Now something has happened. An unknown ancestor has entrusted him with something of great value and it has gone missing. But who stole it and how to get it back?

Ivan usually just follows along with everything and avoids making too much of an effort; he likes to slide along. But now he is forced to make decisions for the first time, and confront those who would rob him of his inheritance. He meets some quirky characters on his way and learns to take things into his own hands. He’s grown extraordinarily over the last year since turning eleven, but his mind is stuck in a kid-sized brain. Now he must match wits with a desperate thief if he is to honour the trust placed in him by his distant relative.

Although this is a story about an 11-year old, it is written from his perspective as an adult looking back to the event. It is about how we all meet the challenge of growing up.